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Roanna Carleton Taylor

Roanna Carleton Taylor

CoFounder of Resisting Hate, Mummy of the sweetest German Shepherd on the planet. Married to husband Sean Carleton Taylor. Oil Painter and Novelist. Spends most of her life covered in oil paint and dog hair.

I believe all human lives are of equal worth and deserve equal respect.

I believe racism, homophobia, fascism, hate and prejudice are detrimental to a fair and progressive society.

I believe in diversity and a world where people are loved for being themselves.

I believe in fairness and kindness.

I believe in treating both humans and animals with dignity.

I believe in putting my head above the parapet.

I believe that to change the world we must stand up and be counted.

I believe creating beauty brings value to a life

What do I do when I’m not fighting hate…?
  • Paint oil landscapes
  • Write romance novels

  • Cuddle my German Shepherd
  • Read T.S.Eliot